featuring Doug Dicharry

Dance Monkey Dance! was formed out of the necessity to create. Doug Dicharry spent years honing his chops in a successful international touring band, but needed to get back to his roots and rediscover his love for playing music. Even while becoming a talented multi-intsrumentalist (drums, trombone, trumpet, mandolin, washboard, spoons), he decided to pick up the guitar and has been obsessively writing songs since.

The guitar laid the foundation for what would become the core of DMD, but Doug craved a driving beat….so he built the STOMPSTAGE. It’s an amplified mobile stage, which creates two unique percussive sounds: *boom – crack!* With soulful vocals, percussive guitar, loop rigs and the steady stompstage backbeat, he has penned an evolving repertoire of songs.

Dance Monkey Dance! is the perfect name, because this monkey is literally dancing while playing for you.

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